War God Asura

Chapter: 77

God Rank Demon Beast
Deep in the Demon Beast mountain range, Xing Jue appear like a powerful monkey, incredibly fast move in the jungle.
However, on his handsome face, his usual calm smile change into a serious face. After all, Xing Jue goal is God Rank Demon Beast, that powerful Demon Beast that Xiao Qian had a confrontation with and hard to win. Therefore Xing Jue must carefully treat it with caution.
Actually, when Xing Jue stepped into this mountain range deeper place, in one region, he felt a vague living existence, but regarding the quantity of that living being, and its strength, Xing Jue unable to sense it, but according to its strength, probably it God Rank Demon Beast.
But, because of God Rank Demon Beast terrifying strength, Xing Jue didn’t dare to go forward to that region. However, at this moment, to get the first place in Hunting Competition, Xing Jue prepared to fight it.
At this moment in Xing Jue mind, innumerable fighting plan rapidly flashes, but one by one discarded by Xing Jue. Xing Jue must have an absolute assurance fighting plan, otherwise facing that terrifying God Rank Demon Beast, Xing Jue will be killed.
In the deep of Demon Beast mountain range, there is an exceptionally quiet jungle, within one hundred Li (0.5km) of this surrounding jungle, Demon Beast surprisingly quiet, even a low roar didn’t sound.
And at the center of that jungle, there is a huge cave, and unexpectedly at that cave entrance has two Sovereign Rank Advance Level Demon Beast, lazily lying there, as if watching over something.
“Bang” Suddenly, in the jungle not far away from that cave, a muffled sound sent out, and after hearing that muffled sound, that Advance Level Demon Beast, quickly get up, and carefully observed all directions.
“Cuts Soul Sword”
At this time, above that Demon Beast, a youth wielding a long black sword suddenly appeared, when that Demon Beast found out this youth, that black long sword already rise and with afterimage severely cut that demon beast head.
With sword shadow flashes, that Demon Beast’s blood came out, and that Demon Beast weakly fall on the ground. Then that youth did an attractive somersault and stood above that Demon Beast body. Naturally, this was Xing Jue.
“Roar” Saw that scene, the other Advanced Rank Demon Beast, incredibly fast moved toward Xing Jue, but in one move Xing Jue figure actually moves toward that Demon Beast.
At this time Xing Jue uses Storm Wind Technique, Soul Explosion, and Cut Soul Sword, three kinds of powerful skill set in one body, under this condition Xing Jue really powerful, but this powerful condition time extremely short, so Xing Jue must end the fight in short time.
“Puchi” A muffled sound, that Advanced Rank Demon Beast fate was similar to that previous Demon Beast, after spraying a mouthful of blood, it weakly collapses on the ground.
After that Demon Beast collapsed on the ground, Xing Jue strength extremely fast decreased, seeing that happened Xing Jue quickly throw one “Repair Pain Pill” into his mouth.
At lightning speed, two Advanced Rank Demon Beast disposed, although this kind of method is fierce, but the price that Xing Jue must pay also huge, this can be seen after Soul Explosion condition removed.
At this time, suddenly a thunderous roar sent out from that dark cave, at the same time a hurricane rush out from that cave.
Saw that Xing Jue quickly use Storm Wind Technique, dodge to the back, and after that hurricane, a pair big red eyes like lantern appear from that dark cave.
“Bold human dares to invade this deity territory!” At this time, a hoarse voice suddenly broke out from that cave, when people hear this voice they will feel afraid, although it talked human language, nobody believes that this word came out not from a human mouth.
“Unexpectedly, this Demon Beast can speak” After this voice resounds, Xing Jue also surprised, then incredible said. Usually, some God Rank Demon Beast can talk, but that Demon Beast also extremely rare, this also describe how powerful this Demon Beast strength.
Xing Jue shocked by this Demon Beast powerful strength. That God Rank Demon Beast slowly came out from that cave, and finally appear in front of Xing Jue eyes.
Surprisingly, this is a red fox, but this fox body dozens of times larger than ordinary fox, it’s body about ten meters length, and this fox has nine tails when that nine tails swing, it carries round and round strong winds. This is an extremely rare Demon Beast “Nine Tails Demon Fox”.
“Little rascal, did you killed two my subordinates?” After that Nine Tails Demon Fox come out, first, it sized up Xing Jue, then somewhat doubtful asked.
“They are in the way. My goal is you!” Xing Jue faintly smiled curl his lip and said, his words very provocative.
“Ignorant little rascal, just you? I think you used some special spell.” Heard Xing Jue words, that Nine Tail Demon Fox cast a disdain glance toward Xing Jue, it didn’t believe that Xing Jue relies on his strength can extremely fast kill two Advance Rank Demon Beasts.
“Biting Wind Palm”
Seeing that, Xing Jue didn’t talk nonsense anymore, coldly snort, two bright rays of light instantly condensed on both of his palms, then shot it to that Nine Tails Demon Fox, two bright light palm print, incredibly fast moved toward that Nine Tails Demon Fox.
“Bang” “Bang”
But facing that two Biting Wind Palm, Nine Tails Demon Fox opens its mouth, that two rays of light directly swallow into its mouth and immediately its mouth closed, two muffled sounds, sound out from its mouth, at the same time a blue smoke slowly came out from the corner of its mouth.
“What a weak Martial Skill” Nine Tails Demon Fox smack its lips, its face without expression.
At this moment Xing Jue also surprised, although his Biting Wind Palm a bit too weak for God Rank Demon Beast, but not as bad as swallowed by it raw.
However, Xing Jue didn’t discourage, and both of his palm spreads out, two flames rose in his hand, immediately both of his palms into contact, then a fireball incredibly fast condensed and revolve.
Saw fireball in Xing Jue hand, that Nine Tails Demon Fox’s corner mouth lift, looked at Xing Jue like juggling clown.
“Dragon Flame Bomb”
A sudden shouted, the fireball in Xing Jue hand changed into a sturdy dragon, extremely fast move toward Nine Tails Demon Fox, when fire dragon rushes forth, it sends out an even more gorgeous spark, it’s power actually not weak.
However, what makes Xing Jue shocked is, when that fire dragon will hit, that Nine Tails Demon Fox’s claws lightly wave, that fire dragon instantly explode, a powerful energy ripple incredibly fast spread. However, the energy ripples that spread, Nine Tails Demon Fox is actually appeared like enjoying a breeze.
When Xing Jue saw this scene, he almost sprays a mouthful blood, this Nine Tails Demon Fox is too strong, at this moment Xing Jue felt this Nine Tails Demon Fox in front of his eyes a lot stronger than the previous Black Horn Wolf in Ancient Mountain Range.
“Demon Fox Excellency, you are really ferocious. Today younger generation can experience Excellency power, and it’s worthwhile. But younger generation still has something to do today, in that case, I won’t disturb your Excellency rest and said goodbye” At this time, Xing Jue cups his hand in front of his chest toward that Nine Tails Demon Fox, then respectfully said. After saying that, he quickly turned his body, start to take a big step forward and prepare to run away.
Saw Xing Jue want to run, that Nine Tails Demon Fox open its mouth widely, round and round tyrannical strength extremely fast condensed, finally a black energy form and continuously rotated in its mouth, and from inside, that energy sent out extremely frightening Qi.
“Bang” With a muffled sound, that energy form like a meteor shooting across the sky, incredibly fast moved toward Xing Jue. Looked at that high-speed energy form, Xing Jue also able to feel, how terrifying that energy contains.
However, at this moment Xing Jue slowly closed both of his eyes, at the same time his Soul Power increased to its limit when he senses that black energy form about to hit him, he suddenly opens both of his eyes.
That Energy form successfully hit Xing Jue body, with a loud sound, that energy form extremely fast spread, finally it expanded into a giant energy sphere, inside the sphere a terrifying energy incredibly fast rushed out, after a while, it gradually dissipated.
After that energy completely dissipated, Xing Jue’s body appeared, but right now Xing Jue did not have any breath as if dead.
“Humph! Overconfident little rascal” Saw Xing Jue was killed by it, that Demon Fox laughs and said with a hoarse voice.
Then it slowly starts to walk toward Xing Jue, after arriving in front of Xing Jue body, that Nine Tails Demon Fox smelled Xing Jue with its giant nose and then said: “For a long time I haven’t tasted a human flavor.”
After satisfied with Xing Jue smell, that Nine Tails Demon Fox open its mouth that entirely covers with a sharp tooth, prepares to swallow Xing Jue into its stomach.
At this moment, both of Xing Jue eyes suddenly opened, at the same time round and round strong winds extremely fast gather on his body, a black Cut Soul Sword incredibly fast condensed on his right hand, that sword almost stab that “Nine Tails Demon Fox”.
Actually Xing Jue previous act, completely deliberated. He intentionally pretended to be powerless, to let that Nine Tails Demon Fox guard down, and when that Nine Tails Demon Fox attacked, in a flash he used “Soul Explosion” and his body instantly becomes a tyrant to defend from its attack. At the same time, while its attack gradually vanished, he sucked the Soul Explosion strength into his body.
And he used his formidable soul to suppress his aura, to make that Nine Tails Demon Fox thinks that he already died, afterward, when he makes that attacked that Nine Tails Demon Fox in a defenseless condition.
After all, Xing Jue knew how powerful God Rank Demon Beast, if he confronts it head on, there is no hope for Xing Jue to win. Therefore, Xing Jue can only use a trick, only in this way he could have a chance to defeat God Rank Demon Beast.
And facing Xing Jue sudden attack, that Nine Tails Demon Fox expression change. But this Nine Tails Demon Fox not ordinary, although under that distance, that Nine Tails Demon Fox relied on its strength and in lightning speed it escaped from Xing Jue attack.
“Humph!” Saw Nine Tails Demon Fox escape from his attack, Xing Jue didn’t get nervous and coldly snort, round and round of Martial Qi incredibly fast start to pour into Cut Soul Sword. Then wave it toward Nine Tails Demon Fox.
One zhang (3.33 m) black sword Qi, with an afterimage, incredibly fast moved toward Nine Tails Demon Fox, in such distance, and a large area attack, Xing Jue doesn’t believe that Nine Tails Demon Fox can dodge.
Actually, Xing Jue makes a bet, he bet that Nine Tails Demon Fox unable to dodge his attack, if he won, the result naturally needless to be said, but if lost, Xing Jue will lose his life.
And as Xing Jue guessed, that Nine Tails Demon Fox unable to dodge his sword Qi, with a loud sound, that sword Qi successful hit that Demon Fox’s body, at the same time, tyrannical black energy ripples incredibly fast expand.
Xing Jue backward repeatedly because of that strong energy ripples, after stopping his figure, Xing Jue anxiously look at the black energy that covered Nine Tails Demon Fox.
Generally Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi is very sharp, as long as it’s successful hit the other party, then it could directly cut the opponent into a half, it should make sharp and clear muffled sound.
After that previous loud sound, as well as that tyrannical energy ripples, Xing Jue sees it for the first time, on the other hand, this also explains that the Invincible Sword Qi successfully defended.
As expected, after black energy gradually dispersed, that Nine Tails Demon Fox crimson eyes glared at Xing Jue, but at this moment apparently it also seriously injured, it can be seen from its body a large amount of blood continuously flow out.
Looking at the furious Nine Tails Demon Fox, in his heart, Xing Jue starts to afraid, he know, this time he is really in danger.
“Little rascal, I’m gonna rip you off!” At this time, Nine Tails Demon Fox thunderous roar suddenly sounded, it continuously echoes in this jungle.

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