War God Asura

Chapter: 78

Father’s Letter
However, at this crucial moment, Xing Jue strength unexpectedly started to drop, in response, Xing Jue quickly takes out “Repair Pain Pill” and throw it into his mouth, prepares to use Soul Explosion again.
But Nine Tails Demon Fox didn’t give Xing Jue any chance, it moves, and its huge body changed into scarlet lightning, incredibly fast moving toward Xing Jue, its speed very fast, it runs bring a strong gust of winds, even several small grasses under its foot crushed.
In a blink of eyes, Nine Tails Demon Fox moved in front of Xing Jue, it waves its sharp claws, with a sharp wind, ruthlessly hit Xing Jue.
At this crucial moment, Xing Jue about to use Storm Wind Technique to escape, but suddenly he found out that he is unable to move. Unexpectedly Nine Tails Demon Fox poured a formidable pressure above its huge claws.
“D*mn!” Facing that extremely quick claw, Xing Jue angrily said.
These Nine Tails Demon Fox too cunning, unexpectedly, it put a powerful pressure on its claw, to put a restraint on Xing Jue’s move, this method is very vicious.
With a muffled sound, Nine Tails Demon Fox’s nail which is like a bayonet, severely penetrates Xing Jue body, at the same time a lot of dust fill the sky.
With Demon Fox nail firmly nail on the ground, the powerful strength makes Xing Jue spray a mouthful of blood, his look became even paler make people scared.
At this moment Xing Jue found out that he didn’t have the ability to resist Nine Tails Demon Fox, in front of absolute strength, he is too small and weak.
A lot of blood continuously flows from Xing Jue’s wound. Xing Jue can feel that his blood gradually reduces, but when Xing Jue body gradually weaker, that hidden black Soul in the deep of his body start to arouse.
Unexpectedly, it wants to break out from his body, and this strayed feeling Xing Jue once felt it when he met Strong Wind Monkey in practice pavilion.
At that time this Soul Power had rescued him, think about this, Xing Jue opens all of his soul channels, to let that Soul Power gushed out.
When Xing Jue unrestrained it, that black colored soul erupted like a volcano, rush out from inside Xing Jue body, and finally fiercely attack Nine Tails Demon Fox.
However, facing that tyrannical Soul Power, Nine Tails Demon Fox suddenly widely open his mouth, a loud roar, a similar tyrannical strength came out from its mouth, finally suppressed that black colored Soul Power.
Watching his soul attack dissipating, Xing Jue found out that the Soul Power within his body not infinite, he uses too much Soul Explosion, it causes his Soul Power used, and this consumption caused his Soul Power to weaken.
At this moment, Xing Jue finally felt the taste of death, and he knows that this time, he might die, this moment, he also starts to regret his carelessness.
When challenging extremely formidable enemy, but didn’t have enough strength, this is simply very ignorant behavior, if he can have another chance, without absolute assurance, Xing Jue won’t do this reckless thing.
At this time, Xing Jue suddenly feels burning pain spread above his chest and became more and more violent. It’s like a flame burning inside his body.
This pain, even take the wound that Nine Tails Demon Fox cause by, and make Xing Jue can’t help to shout.
Meanwhile, Xing Jue chest starts to send out a pale light, the light getting more and more bright and slowly flowing, and after the end of the flow, it forms a strange pattern.
Looking at the light pattern on Xing Jue chest, Nine Tails Demon Fox will quickly pull out its nail that penetrated into Xing Jue’s body, then slowly retreat backward, because it felt that light pattern is incredibly terrifying.
Indeed, when that Nine Tails Demon Fox prepared to retreat, a bright cover spread out from Xing Jue’s chest. That bright cover contains terrifying energy, and it makes Nine Tails Demon Fox’s pupils shrink, didn’t think about it anymore, and incredibly fast starts to run away to a distant place.
But that bright cover didn’t give Nine Tails Demon Fox any chance, that bright cover slightly shrink, and unexpectedly exploded.
After that bright cover exploded, a devastating force extremely fast spread and this terrifying force condense into an enormous bright cover.
And start to expand rapidly, in a blink of eyes it starts to swallow that Nine Tails Demon Fox, and where that bright cover goes, almost all objects vanish into thin air.
“What a powerful strength” At this time, at a distance from that bright cover exploded, several thousand miles away in the city, Inner Court Great Elder suddenly sensed that bright cover’s terrifying energy.
His figure immediately flash and arrived above the city wall. Worriedly gazed toward the bright cover explosion direction.
“Whiz, whiz, whiz”
At this time, three Old figure also flash, land at Great Elder side, and naturally, these three are the three elders of other forces.
“Buzz buzz buzz”
At this time, in the deep place of Demon Beast mountain range, suddenly sent out a bright light
When the light shine, the four elders brow tightly wrinkle, in this distance all of them can see the energy, how terrifying that attack if you are in it.
“Powerful, too powerful” Looking at the bright light in that distant place, Netherworld Palace elder said with shocked.
At this moment, the Inner Court Great Elder figure slightly moved, ready to go toward the place where the bright light was sent out.
However, that nearby Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder stopped him, then said with a smile: “Inner Court Great Elder, I’m afraid it is not good to leave this place at this time.”
And after hearing Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder words, Great Elder body trembles, then stopped his figure, while Hunting Competition occurs, to prevent cheating, elders are not allowed to leave this city.
“Obviously the person who created the destruction wasn’t the people from our four big forces, inside three big empires appeared such a powerful person, shouldn’t we go and check it out?” After silent for a moment, Inner Court Great Elder slowly said.
“Elder Luo, I know your feeling, but if I don’t wrongly guess, earlier the strength of those who make a move, at least at…”
“Therefore, even we go, definitely not that person opponent, it’s better to observe the situation calmly.”
“I think that powerful person didn’t come for our weak disciples, otherwise, with his strength, with lightly move of his finger able to crush them, and didn’t need to launch that powerful attack.” At this time, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder slowly said.
Actually, he saw Inner Court Great Elder was worried about his disciples. But how could he not, that attack too tyrannical, even with their strengths, too far to be that person opponent, the gap is too big, let alone them, even among the four forces, perhaps no more than five people able to fight with that person.
“Ah..” After hearing Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder words, Inner Court Great Elder helplessly sighed, indeed with his strength, he only takes risks if he meets that person, at this moment he can only hope wasn’t Xing Jue and the others who provoked that powerful person.
When the elders of four forces think that a powerful person causes the attack, Xing Jue peacefully lies down at his previous position.
But at this moment his previous injury that caused by Nine Tails Demon Fox unexpectedly healed didn’t even leave a scar behind. If not because a huge hole above his purple robe, other people won’t believe that Xing Jue has suffered a fatal attack.
At the place where Xing Jue quietly lies down, it appears that he is beautifully sleeping, even if the gentle breeze blows his body, without any trace to awake.
Maybe Xing Jue too tired, in these several days, to get a better result, Xing Jue almost didn’t have any time to rest, and at this moment, he finally can rest.
Until a few hours later, Xing Jue’s finger faintly trembled, then slowly opened both of his closed eyes, but when Xing Jue get up and looking at everything in front of him, his face instantly changes.
Because at this moment Xing Jue alive in one piece, but in ten miles of plains the surface colors purple-black, and continuously emit a blue smoke.
Ancient trees that exist before, and the mountains all disappeared, if he didn’t look toward the vast boundless mountain range, Xing Jue thinks that someone moved him.
“Oh my God” Xing Jue can’t help to be shocked, with a gasp of surprised said.
Previously, he felt that his chest painfully burn, then flashes a dazzling ray of light in front of his eyes, and then fainted. And after he awoke, everything in front of him changed.
“Is this?”
At this moment, Xing Jue suddenly found out, in the air behind him, a few words unexpectedly floating, these fonts are dark green semi-transparent, just like a letter hang in the air
After reading the content of this letter, his body stiff then started to tremble violently.
Surprisingly, that letter was left behind by Xing Jue’s father.
“Son, when you see this letter, don’t be surprised, because this is a gift from your father, perhaps at this moment, you found out that you are not an orphan.”
“I’m sorry, father can’t stand at your side, look at you grow up. Instead, I sealed your soul and made you an ordinary person, but please don’t blame your father, because of particular reasons, I hope that you can have a normal life.”
“At least, your life can be safe, you know, no matter what, to be alive is fine.”
“Actually, I don’t want you to see this letter because when you see this message, it means you must be met with deadly danger, and that is the last thing I want to see.”
“But at this moment, if you met a number of incapable hostile enemy, and nowhere to take shelter, take this piece jade of pendant and go to East Imperial Wind Empire “Peaceful Village” and looked for a person named “Uncle Pan”, when he saw this jade pendant, he will help you.”
“Because the rush of time, I can only tell you these much, do not look for me and your mother, do not blame your mother and me and don’t ask Uncle Pan either, you just need to know that father and mother are deeply love you.”
“Wu.. Father!”
Looked at that several words that floating in the air, Xing Jue eyes become wet, at this moment he finally understands why he still alive now, it turns out his father saved him. Xing Jue can felt from the words that his father left, and it can tell that his father cares about him very much.
Xing Jue reads this letter over and over again. It’s like his father talked to him. From infant to mature Xing Jue never felt fatherly love, although Old Zhang is kind to him, but he merely looks Old Zhang as his grandfather, inside his heart, how much he wants his father and mother love.
And at this moment, he finally felt the feeling of fatherly love, and it turns out this is so warm.
At this time, those fonts start to change and getting more and more severe, afterward it changed into a green shadow and condensed in the center. Finally, it condensed into a green jade pendant and fell on the ground.

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