War God Asura

Chapter: 79

Reverse Result
Xing Jue quickly gets up and pick up that jade pendant…
Then immediately regard it as a rare treasure, he keeps looking at the jade pendant on his hand, and this jade pendant indeed somewhat special, although it doesn’t have a gorgeous pattern, but if it carefully looks, inside the Jade there is a sparkling object slowly flowing, obviously this is a treasure.
After look at it for a moment, Xing Jue carefully put it into his bosom, regarding this thing that his father leave, Xing Jue doesn’t want to put it in Storage Bracelet and want to bring it himself.
“Peaceful Village, Uncle Pan, perhaps he knows something about Father’s matter.” Xing Jue recalled the words that his father left for him, and said with a smile.
At this moment Xing Jue made a decision that if he has a time he must visit Uncle Pan, maybe he can learn something about his parents.
After sorting out his mind, Xing Jue ready to return to the city, although he didn’t successfully kill God Rank Demon Beast, but Xing Jue must rush back within the prescribed time limit.
Even he can’t get the first place in Hunting Competition, at least he must keep the second place, besides depending on his present harvest, Xing Jue thinks that he can’t obtain the first place.
But when Xing Jue about to leave, a nearby pit, suddenly attracted Xing Jue attention, because suddenly that place flash a faint red light.
Walk toward the light, Xing Jue surprisingly found out a red crystal light in a small pit, and Xing Jue feels a powerful Soul Power from inside that crystal.
“Beast Soul! Oh my God, unexpectedly it is Beast Soul.” Looking at that red crystal, Xing Jue excitedly laughs.
At that time, Old Feng gave Xing Jue a Beast Soul, although its shape somewhat different, but roughly almost same, and from that powerful Soul Power, Xing Jue dares to conclude that this is a Beast Soul.
After carefully put this Beast Soul in his bosom, Xing Jue suspected from where this Beast Soul appears.
This thing must be Nine Tails Demon Fox left behind, now that that powerful strength destroyed Nine Tails Demon Beast corpse. Instead, this Beast Soul is the best proof. Thus Xing Jue has the absolute assurance to obtain the first place for this Hunting Competition.
Thinking about this, Xing Jue no longer hesitated, his figure rush toward the city.
On day nine of Hunting Competition, the disciples of various forces already successfully return to the city, finally on day ten, beside Xing Jue, all the other participants already arrived.
Now at the city square, nineteen disciples are neatly standing there, and the four elders majestically stand in front of them.
However, at this moment Inner Court Great Elder face full of worried “Till this time, Xing Jue has not come back yet, did anything happened to him?”
Not only Inner Court Great Elder, Wang Yanran and Zhao Yue also the extremely worried. After all, Xing Jue and they have a deep relationship.
Especially Wang Yanran, she afraid that Xing Jue has an accident when he hunts Demon Beast. When she thought that Xing Jue probably had an accident, her white hands couldn’t help but clench.
“Elder Luo, that disciple of your Imperial Wind Pavilion, won’t hunt God Rank Demon Beast right? Ha Ha” Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder said to Inner Court Great Elder with a laugh. His old face full of mockery.
“Humph!” Great Elder cast a glance toward him and didn’t speak.
“Xing Jue this bastard actually obstruct us.” At this moment Hu Bin whispered in a low voice.
“Mind your own business, Junior Brother Xing Jue a lot stronger than you.” After hearing Hu Bin words, Zhao Yue angrily retorted. After all, Xing Jue has rescued her life, at this moment she has a good impression toward Xing Jue.
“You… Humph!” Being said like this by Zhao Yue, Hu Bin terribly angry, coldly snort and no longer said a word, he found out that as long as he against Xing Jue, Zhao Yue definitely will come out to help.
“All right, time is near, all various forces disciples, take out your hunting result.” At this time, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder said to the disciples below him.
After his voice falls, various forces disciples handed over Demon Beast corpses, according to as he said.
After going through a precise calculate, the scores of various forces listed.
Imperial Wind Pavilion: 260 points
Netherworld Palace: 280 points
Hidden Medicine Mountain Village: 320 points
Nangong Aristocratic Family: 850 points
“Ai yoyo, Elder Luo, what happened with your Imperial Wind Pavilion?”
“This year’s achievement is too bad, and unexpectedly you got the last place.”
After Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder had checked the score, he cast an evil smile and said, as if he obtains a valuable treasure and smiling from ear to ear.
“Humph! My Imperial Wind Pavilion still have one disciple has not come back, how do you know?” Inner Court Great Elder glance at that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder and coldly said.
“What? Could it be you think with his Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign strength, he able to against heaven’s will?” Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder harshly said. He does not believe that Xing Jue strength can change anything.
“Humph!” After hearing his words, Inner Court Great Elder coldly snort then turn his head and no longer pay any attention to him. Actually, Inner Court Great Elder also didn’t expect that Xing Jue can help Imperial Wind Pavilion to obtain the first position in Hunting Competition, but he thought that as long as he has Xing Jue, it’s not a problem to keep second place.
“Inner Palace Elder, the time will also end, it would be better for us to wait.” At this time, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder suddenly help to say.
After all, he had a very good impression toward Xing Jue, so naturally, he doesn’t wish for Xing Jue to get disqualified because arrive late. Moreover, he didn’t want Netherworld Palace to get a big advantage from this.
“All right” Hearing Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder start to talk, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder reluctantly agreed and no longer said a word.
Time passed, all of the people who cared about Xing Jue start to become anxious, and those who didn’t get along with Xing Jue, is rejoicing in other peoples misfortunes, some people looking forward to Xing Jue die in Demon Beast mountain range.
“Yeah, Elder Luo, time is over, it’s better to announce this Hunting Competition rank” At this time Netherworld Palace Elder suddenly speaks.
This time their Netherworld Palace unexpectedly defeated by Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, but luckily the Imperial Wind Pavilion at the bottom place, so at this moment he didn’t want Xing Jue to come back after all this one person alone can provide a lot, then he couldn’t keep the third place.
“Elder Luo, is not I don’t give you Imperial Wind Pavilion any chance, but it is because of your Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple let everyone wait here for a long time.” After that Netherworld Palace elder opens his mouth, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder looked toward Elder Luo and mockingly said.
“Alright” After silent for a moment, Elder Luo finally agreed, actually from the beginning he worried that Xing Jue is in a difficult situation, and now Xing Jue still not come back, he becomes even more agitated.
So at this moment he can’t overthink and has to make them announce the result of this Hunting Competition quicker and then go to find Xing Jue.
Although this result too humiliating, but Xing Jue security is more important.
Saw Inner Court Great Elder helpless expression, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder proud of himself, then said with a smile: “I announce, the result of this Hunting Competition is…”
“Wait…” But at this moment, a young voice loudly sounded from the city gate.
Looked toward the voice, saw Xing Jue at outside the city gate slowly walk toward the city. When Inner Court Great Elder, Wang Yanran and the other saw Xing Jue, the uneasy inside their heart finally at ease.
“I’m sorry everyone, I come back late, but I think I should not late right?” Xing Jue arrived at the square grinning toward the people and said.
“Xing Jue, the result of Hunting Competition have been counted and only miss yours, quickly take out the prey that you obtained.” Inner Court Great Elder said toward Xing Jue with a smile.
“En… okay” Xing Jue faintly smiled, then came to the middle of the crowd, he waves his sleeve, one Demon Beast corpse appeared, and after that Advanced Rank Demon Beast corpse fall, beside Wang Yanran, almost every person on the scene was dumbfounded, because this is too incredible.
And there is a satisfied smile on Great Elder face, and start to feel glad that Xing Jue came, because Xing Jue gives him a big surprise. Looking at that Advanced Rank Demon Beast and Intermediate Rank Demon Beast corpses, Great Elder thought that to keep the second position not a problem.
“Twenty four Advance Rank Demon Beast, ten Intermediate Rank Demon Beast, unexpectedly Xing Jue obtained 400 points.” At this moment, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder said with shock. Because of Xing Jue result unexpectedly above his Hidden Medicine Mountain Village overall result, indeed this is too strong.
“Oh my God”
Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder words have caused everybody an uproar.
Even Liu Teng from Nangong Aristocratic Family, seriously looked at Xing Jue, because unexpectedly Xing Jue personal achievement is above him.
“It seems, my Imperial Wind Pavilion got the second place, and no one can take it away.” Inner Court Great Elder said with a satisfied smile.
His proud eyes immediately went to that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder, at this moment he wanted to see what he looks like, after saw Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder appearance, Great Elder can’t help but happily smile.
Because at this moment that Nangong Aristocratic Family Great Elder, it may be said that he had a hideous face.
Besides Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder, that Netherworld Palace Elder is even more miserable, because his Netherworld Palace at the bottom place, obtained this result, when he returns to Netherworld Palace unavoidably he will receive a punishment.
Compared with them, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder happily smiled, he didn’t care about the second place, what he cares about is that he can step Netherworld Palace underneath him, so at this moment he already happy that Xing Jue is able to get this result.
“Inner Palace Elder, I think now you can announce the result.” Inner Court Great Elder gently touch his long beard and said toward that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder with a smile.
After hearing Inner Court Great Elder words, that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder face tremble, and then with cold snort said: “In that case, I announced the result of this Hunting Competition.”
“Report to all Elders. I still have a prey which has not taken out.” But when Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder prepares to announce the final result, Xing Jue actually said amazing words.
“What?” And after hearing Xing Jue words, all the people looked at Xing Jue with an incredible look, Xing Jue result already abnormally, did he still haven’t handed over all the prey?

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