War God Asura

Chapter: 80

First Place
“Xing Jue, what prey did you still have?” Inner Court Great Elder asked with anticipation. Because at this moment he feels that Xing Jue will put out a very extraordinary thing.
“May I ask all of the elders, if I didn’t bring back the corpse, but there is another proof, does it count?” Xing Jue faintly smiles, he didn’t answer the question. Instead, he asked.
“Doesn’t have a corpse, if there is something that can prove the Demon Beast rank, then it can be count.” Inner Court Great Elder quickly said.
“All right” Xing Jue faintly smile, then under the crowd’s fixed gaze, he slowly inserts his hand into his bosom clothes, and then slowly take out a thing.
When his clenched palm opens, a sparkling red crystal appeared.
“Beast Soul?” After seeing the Beast Soul in Xing Jue hand, Inner Court Great Elder is shocked and blurted out.
And after hearing his words, almost all the people on the scene were like struck by lightning, instantly paralyzed.
“This is Nine Tails Demon Fox Beast Soul, Xing Jue, did you kill the Nine Tails Demon Fox at the deepest Demon Beast mountain range?” After silent for a moment, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder said toward Xing Jue with a shocked face.
And after hearing Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder words, the other three Elders look at Xing Jue with the same eyes.
Because inside this Demon Beast mountain range, indeed, has one “Nine Tails Demon Fox”, and it was God Rank Primary Level Demon Beast, and already survived for hundred years in this Demon Beast mountain range.
“En, indeed it was Nine Tails Demon Fox.” Xing Jue smiled, didn’t deny it and answered.
And after hearing Xing Jue words, the four Elders sucked a cold air. They have a very deep impression toward that Nine Tails Demon Fox.
Many years ago, that Nine Tails Demon Fox repeatedly attacked and killed several disciples of four big forces, to assure the safety of disciples, four big forces Elder jointly sent out to kill that Nine Tails Demon Fox.
But then the four Elders, are these four who present here were irresolute, and that Nine Tails Demon Fox is extremely cunning, so it finally failed. And Nine Tails Demon Fox rushed to the deepest place of Demon Beast mountain range.
Who could have thought that the four Great Elder can’t do anything toward that Nine Tails Demon Fox, but now it was defeated at Xing Jue hand, how can they not shocked.
“Haha, good, good, good, really worthy as my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” Suddenly Inner Court Great Elder loudly laugh. Actually, Xing Jue able to kill that Nine Tails Demon Fox can be viewed as an earthshaking matter, after all, Xing Jue current strength only at Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign.
“Humph! What is your proof that you able to kill Nine Tails Demon Fox? Is someone secretly helping you?” At this moment suddenly the Great Elder of that Nangong Aristocratic Family asked with an unbelieved face.
“Inner Palace Elder, what do you mean by that?” After hearing Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder words, Inner Pavilion Great Elder pointed at him and loudly shouted. His attitude seems like ready to attack.
The always gentle Inner Court Great Elder have such a reaction, it makes the other three Elders surprised, it seems that this Elder regards Xing Jue somewhat special.
“Xing Jue, did you kill this Nine Tails Demon Fox, nobody helps you?” At this time Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder also said toward Xing Jue.
“I won’t hide it from all the Elders, actually my Master once left me a protective talisman spell, I used that spell to kill Nine Tails Demon Fox.” How smart is Xing Jue, he naturally knows that they will not easily believe him, so earlier he already thinking his proper response.
“What spell can have such a big power? Can kill God Rank Demon Beast.” Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder once again said.
“Inner Palace Elder, that year, when your Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple killed God Rank Demon Beast, didn’t she also used magical talisman? What’s wrong? Your Nangong Aristocratic Family has a High Level spell, and my Imperial Wind Pavilion didn’t have it?” Saw Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder intend to make things difficult for Xing Jue, he immediately retorted, the wrath on his face undoubtedly showed.
“You!” Heard Inner Court Great Elder words, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder shocked and became speechless. Indeed, in the past, his Nangong Aristocratic Family talented disciple, also relied on a spell to kill God Rank Demon Beast.
However, facing God Rank Demon Beast, even if there is such a powerful spell, can successfully kill it, this is already a very extraordinary matter.
After all, between Sovereign and God has one rank difference, if the disciple has a weak strength, he/she won’t have any opportunity to defeat it, and unexpectedly Xing Jue able to do that, this is also explained how extraordinary Xing Jue.
“What? Could it be that your Nangong Aristocratic Family cannot afford to lose?” Inner Court Great Elder sarcastically said.
“Humph! You extremely underestimated my Nangong Aristocratic Family.” Being said that way by Inner Court Great Elder, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder coldly snort.
Then slowly walked in front of numerous disciples, said: “I announced: The final result of this Hunting Competition, Imperial Wind Pavilion first, Nangong Aristocratic Family second, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village third, Netherworld Palace fourth.”
After the result announced, that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder didn’t stay any longer, he waves his sleeve, turns around and then walks toward his Fast Hawk Beast.
In response, Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples also quickly follow, after that Fast Hawk Beast fly, Liu Teng cast an ill gaze toward Xing Jue, it seems at this moment he extremely hates Xing Jue.
“Oh, Xing Jue! You are so strong” After Nangong Aristocratic Family person left, Imperial Wind Pavilion Gao Hao and Ma Qiang, excitedly run toward Xing Jue and loudly shout said.
Then Wang Yanran, Zhao Yue, and Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples also come to congratulate, only Hu Bin didn’t have the nerve to come, after all, he didn’t get along with Xing Jue, but at this moment his face fills with an excited smile.
No matter how bad he looked at Xing Jue, but this time Xing Jue indeed does something that made him admire, won the first place in Hunting Competition, this is the first time in several hundred years. As an Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, he also felt honored.
After a short celebration, Imperial Wind Pavilion group also rides the Fast Hawk Beast and leave the city, rush toward Imperial Wind Pavilion.
Inner Court Great Elder immediately send this good news to the Main Court through “Imperial Wind Command”, and after this news passed to the Main Court it started to make a big storm, after all, this is worthy to be celebrated.
At the top of Floating Clouds Mountain, there is one huge peak, the huge peak thrust the cloud, like a ladder link to the heaven, stands between heavens and earth, and this mountain peak is famous in Floating Mountain. This mountain peak is well known as “Through the Heaven Peak”.
“Through The Heaven Peak” has an extremely magnificent palace, under the palace, there is a large area sea of clouds, just like a fairy palace, floating on a sea of clouds, and this is Imperial Wind Pavilion, the highest level palace “Imperial Wind Palace”.
At this moment inside this Imperial Wind Palace, four white hairs old men, respectively sit on the top seat of the main hall, and the aura of these four old men are fearfully strong, they are the Imperial Wind Pavilion core combat power, four from five Main Court Great Elder.
Individually is Li Xiaohan Master, Main Court Second Elder, Elder Ji Shui.
Main Court Third Elder, Elder Chi Huo.
The Chief of Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder, Elder Lei Li.
And the Chief of Martial Skill Pavilion Elder, Elder Qian Tu.
“Because Inner Court Disciple Xing Jue obtains 900 points in this Hunting Competition, our Imperial Wind Pavilion gets the first place, this is the first time in several hundred years. What does everyone think a reward for Xing Jue?” Elder Ji Shui who sit at the seat of honor gently stroke his white beard and slowly said.
“Only one year Xing Jue joins our Imperial Wind Pavilion, but he grows rapidly if he is given enough time, he definitely will become our Imperial Wind Pavilion top disciple, so I think this disciple, should directly get into Main Court, and provide the best training.” The Chief Elder of Martial Skill pavilion, Elder Qian Tu, slowly said.
“Qian Tu, you didn’t understand our Imperial Wind Pavilion rule, if he wants to join Main Court he must do it with his strength, don’t break the rule.”
“Even Li Xiaohan, the High-Rank Tai Sang Elder granddaughter, our Imperial Wind Pavilion hero’s daughter, didn’t she also rely on her strength to enter the Main Court?” The Chief Elder of Law Enforcement Pavilion, Elder Lei Li suddenly rebutted said.
“Then what did you refer to?” After hearing Elder Lei Li words, Qian Tu Elder cast a terrifying glance, then cast it toward Elder Lei Li, apparently felt displeased because his words refuted.
“This time this child, indeed make a great honor. Therefore, I thought that we should give him our Imperial Wind Pavilion Earth Pavilion Martial Skill”. After Elder Lei Li silent for a moment, he slowly said.
“Yes, this is also all right, but our Imperial Wind Pavilion have a lot of Earth pavilion Martial Skills, I wonder if everybody has any suggestion?” After hearing Elder Lei Li words, Old Shui also agreed said.
“I think we should reward him “Imperial Wind Technique”.” At this time, Main Court Third Elder who didn’t speak for a long time, Elder Chi Huo, suddenly open his mouth and said.
When heard Elder Chi Huo words, Elder Ji Shui frowned, then said: “Imperial Wind Technique practice difficulty is extremely high if we give it to Xing Jue, isn’t it similar not give him a reward?”
Originally “Imperial Wind Technique” is the highest level Martial Skill of Imperial Wind Pavilion, it’s created by Imperial Wind Pavilion first generation Pavilion Master, but it has extremely high practice difficulty. Now, even in this huge Imperial Wind Pavilion, only one person who can use that Imperial Wind Technique, and he was the Tai Sang Elder who always travels to the outside world.
“That Xing Jue also not a friendly type, he has a bad name in the Inner Court, if we give his a powerful Martial Skill, unavoidably it will be used by him to deal with other disciples.”
“Besides this child talent is good, he could successfully practice that Imperial Wind Technique, and so, isn’t it rather a happy occasion for our Imperial Wind Pavilion.” Elder Chi Huo slightly smiles, but his smile has a difficult meaning.
“What Elder Chi Huo said not wrong. I also agree to give Imperial Wind Technique to this child.” At this moment Elder Lei Li also noded said.
And after Elder Lei Li, Elder Qian Tu also nod agreed.
“In that case, that “Imperial Wind Technique” will be given to Xing Jue” Although Elder Ji Shui is the Second Elder of this Main Court, but this four people status not too much different, therefore, these three agreed to one situation, without any choice he needs to agree.
“But compared to Xing Jue matter, an important matter, who is that mysterious powerhouse at Demon Beast mountain range.” After Xing Jue matter had discussed, Elder Ji Shui said again. His eyes immediately swept all the people.
After this words said, the other three Elders faces appeared a serious expression.
After several days in hurried, Xing Jue and the others returned to Imperial Wind Pavilion.
“Why are there so many people?” Xing Jue who sit on the Fast Hawk Beast looking at the dense crowd at the square below him, puzzled and said.
And after seeing Xing Jue puzzled look, the Inner Court Great Elder who sitting at his side slightly smiled.
After the Fast Hawk Beast land on the square, does not need for Xing Jue and the others to go down, over thousand of Inner Court disciples rushed toward Xing Jue and the others.
Finally, raised Xing Jue and loudly cheering, at moment Xing Jue finally realized, it turns out their news that they obtain the first place in Hunting Competition, already spread to Imperial Wind Pavilion.
Therefore, at this moment Xing Jue already became Imperial Wind Pavilion hero, the object of worship for male disciples, and loved by female disciples.
And regarding this so warmly welcome by this disciples, Xing Jue didn’t say anything, and continuously thrown and asked the question by the people, he felt a little surprised.
What made Xing Jue helpless was, unexpectedly some people wanted his signature. Especially those female disciples, they want to take Xing Jue to their mansion to be their guest. Finally Inner Court Great Elder unable to continue watching, he dismissed the crowd and saved Xing Jue.
Dragged his tired body, Xing Jue set his mind and slowly walked toward his Xing Mansion.
“Oh! Our Imperial Wind Pavilion big hero come back” At the same time, a wind chime voice, suddenly sounded from behind Xing Jue body.
After hearing this voice, Xing Jue haggard face instantly changes become excited, then quickly turned and looked.
And at this moment behind Xing Jue, a girl wearing golden pavilion robe, leaning against the nearby wall, a pair of bright and big eyes looking at Xing Jue, and above her white and lovely face, there is a charming smile.

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