War God Asura

Chapter: 81

The Temple of Essence
“Xiao Han” Xing Jue excitedly shouted. Then walked with passion toward Li Xiaohan place, then hug Li Xiao Han soft body into his chest, and then excitedly spin her body.
Li Xiao Han, who has a cute and helpless look, tightly grab Xing Jue, under Xing Jue spin, she appears like an elegant dancing butterfly, her beauty intoxicating.
“Brother Xing Jue, did you break through to Martial Sovereign?” Above the peak of Floating Mountain, Li Xiao Han leans on Xing Jue shoulder, said with a smile.
“Xiao Han, you practice in seclusion for one year, are you already break through to Martial God level?” Xing Jue turned his head and said toward Li Xiaohan.
Because at this moment with Xing Jue powerful Soul Power, unexpectedly, he is unable to see through Li Xiaohan strength. Therefore, Xing Jue guessed that Li Xiaohan should be at Martial God level.
“No, how can it be so easy” Li Xiao Han slightly smile and said.
“Oh? Why not break through?” Xing Jue is somewhat puzzled asked. Logically speaking Li Xiaohan practice in seclusion, for breaks through to the Martial God level, since she has not broken through, why she go out.
“Humph! Because I miss you” Li Xiaohan pout, said toward Xing Jue. Then her small white hands, pinch Xing Jue arm hard and shouted toward Xing Jue.
Although Li Xiaohan pinch really painful, but Li Xiaohan words “Because I miss you” make Xing Jue heart happy.
“Brother Xing Jue, actually, this time I went out to help someone.” Suddenly Li Xiao Han stood up, take her small hand at her back and said to Xing Jue with a smile.
“What?” Xing Jue said with a shocked face.
“Hehe, follow me” Saw Xing Jue doesn’t know the situation, Li Xiaohan make a delicate and lovely smile, then hold Xing Jue’s hand, and run toward the peak of Floating Cloud Mountain.
With these two people present strengths, running all the way, soon they arrived at Through the Heaven Peak, looking at that Through the Heaven Peak similar to the ladder to the Heaven, Xing Jue also feels a little bit amazed, then curiously said: “What is above this peak?”
“Above the peak is Imperial Wind Pavilion highest palace “Imperial Wind Palace”.”
At this moment an old man wearing a gray robe, silently appear at Xing Jue side, and this is the Main Court Second Elder, Elder Ji Shui.
“Younger generation pay a respect to Old Shui” Unexpectedly saw Elder Ji Shui, Xing Jue bent his body and held his fist in front of his chest, and respectfully said.
After all, the person in front of him is Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court Second Elder, and also Li Xiaohan Master, Xing Jue doesn’t dare to have slight neglecting toward him.
“Disciple pay a respect to Master.” Li Xiaohan also imitates Xing Jue appearance, she naughtily laughs and said.
“You this girl, saw your lover then forget your Master, unexpectedly you let this old man waiting this long.” After seeing Li Xiaohan grin cheekily, Elder Ji Shui coldly glance, then said with a smile.
After hearing Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue also realized, that the person Xiao Han refers to is Elder Ji Shui.
“Xing Jue, this time you make our Imperial Wind Pavilion get the first place in Hunting Competition, you make a great merit.”
“After a discussion, we about to reward you an Earth pavilion Martial Skill.” Elder Ji Shui said and smiled toward Xing Jue.
“Earth pavilion Martial Skill?” After hearing these words, Xing Jue immediately becomes excited, his current killer move “Cut Soul Sword” is Imperial Wind Pavilion Earth pavilion Martial Skill. Therefore Xing Jue is very sensitive to this words.
“Right, this Martial Skill called “Imperial Wind Technique”, it is my Imperial Wind Pavilion highest rank Martial Skill, an Advance rank Martial Skill.” Saw Xing Jue excited look, Elder Ji Shui once again said with a smile.
As expected, it’s lifted Xing Jue ambition, and his face fills with anticipation.
Saw Xing Jue face fill with anticipation, Elder Ji Shui smile and said again: “This imperial wind technique is our Imperial Wind Pavilion First Pavilion Master created, it’s a movement Martial Skill.”
“Practicing this Martial Skill, your speed will be like a strong wind, faintly visible, if it is cultivated to the utmost, you can be free from the earth restrictions and can walk in the air.” Saying until this, Elder Ji Shui sleeve wave, a round of twisting strong wind skill spell appears in front of his eyes.
“Free from the Earth restriction, walk in the air?” After hearing Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue looks shocked.
Walk in the air. It said that only the legendary War King could do that, and this Imperial Wind Technique unexpectedly has this ability, how could Xing Jue not shocked.
“Let me” Saw Xing Jue excited look, Elder Ji Shui said with a smile, his sleeve wave, then the spell pasted above Xing Jue forehead, immediately a lot of practice methods extremely fast flow into Xing Jue mind.
“Thank you Elder Ji Shui” And after all of that Imperial Wind Technique practice method transmitted into Xing Jue mind, Xing Jue respectfully a said toward Elder Ji Shui.
“Hehe” But Elder Ji Shui faintly smiled, then put away that skill spell.
“Er.., what happened Xiao Han?” After expressing gratitude toward Elder Ji Shui, Xing Jue quickly look toward Li Xiao Han, he thought that Li Xiaohan would be happy for him, but unexpectedly he found out that Li Xiao Han pout, her face look unwilling.
“Brother Xing Jue, you were fooled” Saw Xing Jue ask her, Li Xiaohan curls her lips and said.
And Xing Jue get even more confused by Li Xiao Han words, completely at loss.
“Brother Xing Jue, this Imperial Wind Technique practice is very difficult, nowadays in Imperial Wind Pavilion, a lot of people practiced it, but no one succeeded” Saw Xing Jue didn’t understand her means, Li Xiao Han explained.
Actually, Li Xiao Han also practiced this Imperial Wind Technique, but after learned it so hard, Li Xiao Han found out that this Imperial Wind Technique hard to practice, so she eventually gives up.
“Ah… Heard Li Xiaohan says that Xing Jue suddenly realized. Then he immediately opened his mouth widely and looked toward Elder Ji Shui.
“Er. Hehe”
“You this girl” Saw Li Xiao Han unexpectedly take Xing Jue side, Elder Ji Shui helplessly said.
“Okay, Imperial Wind Technique only one of the reward.”
“Xing Jue, although Imperial Wind Technique is hard to practice, but it’s not impossible to practice, our Imperial Wind Pavilion Most Exalted Elder, once successfully practiced.” Elder Ji Shui slowly said toward Xing Jue, during the talked his gaze went to Li Xiao Han.
“Humph!” Li Xiao Han pout doesn’t pay any attention.
“Perhaps, for now, this reward has more use for you.”Saw Li Xiao Han look like that, Elder Ji Shui helplessly shook his head, then his robe sleeve wave, a strange spell appears.
This spell is extraordinary. Not only it has a small form, but it also has a star shape. However, above it continuously flashes a word, it tells Xing Jue, this is indeed a spell.
And after Li Xiaohan saw this spell, her stiff small face, instantly change into happy, she immediately takes it and said to Elder Ji Shui: “Thank you, Master, in that case, I will take Brother Xing Jue and go.”
After finished said the words, doesn’t need to wait for Elder Ji Shui answer, she pulls Xing Jue and start to run down the Floating Cloud Mountain.
Saw Li Xiaohan like that, Elder Ji Shui helplessly shook his head again, and shout loudly toward Li Xiaohan and Xing Jue, who already run far away: “Only go to the first floor, don’t go to the second floor.”
“Got it” And after that Li Xiaohan pleasant voice, drifted away.
“Senior Brother, your vision seems fierce.”
“If Xing Jue and Xiao Han were given the same practice treatment, maybe he’s not worse than Xiao Han.” Looking at the direction where Xing Jue and Li Xiao Han disappeared, Elder Ji Shui stroke his long beard and laughing said.
Floating Cloud Mountain, divided into front hill and rear hill, Imperial Wind Pavilion build at the front hill, but the back side of the mountain is quite stony, everywhere are steep cliffs, and waterfalls. However, it appears very magnificent.
And at this moment at the side of a huge waterfall, a man and woman hold hands, run in hurried. Naturally, this is Xing Jue and Li Xiao Han.
“Xiao Han, what is that?” After arriving at the side of the waterfall, Xing Jue cannot bear his curiosity and finally asked, looking at Li Xiaohan happy look, he also guessed that spell must be a good thing.
“Brother Xing Jue, what do you think about Outer Court and Inner Court Practice Pavilion?” At this time, Li Xiaohan faintly smiles, didn’t answer the question.
“Inner Court and Outer Court Practice Pavilion? Em.., not bad, what’s wrong?” Xing Jue a bit puzzled answered.
“Brother Xing Jue, that Inner Court and Outer Court Practice Pavilion, if compared with Main Court Practice Pavilion, is too shabby.” After hearing Xing Jue words, Li Xiaohan shakes her head said.
Xing Jue felt a little bit speechless by Li Xiao Han words, at least Xing Jue felt that the practice space in practice pavilion is very incredible. However, he never sees this Main Court Practice Pavilion.
“However, with this charm key, later Brother Xing Jue can practice together with me at Main Court Practice Pavilion.” Saw Xing Jue expression, Li Xiaohan sweetly smiled, her small hands extend then put that strange spell on Xing Jue hand.
“Really?” And after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue said with surprise. Can practice at Main Court Practice Pavilion, Xing Jue anticipates that.
However, in comparison can practice together with Li Xiaohan, made Xing Jue very happy.
“Brother Xing Jue, follow me” Suddenly Li Xiao Han figure start to jump, turn into golden rays of light, jump into that waterfall.
Saw Li Xiao Han unexpectedly get into the waterfall, Xing Jue felt somewhat puzzling, then faintly smile, take a large step, advancing toward that waterfall.
“Puchi” With a sound of water splash, Xing Jue passes through that waterfall, and after Xing Jue open both of his eyes, he is deeply shocked by the scene of people in front of him.
Because at this moment in front of Xing Jue’s eyes appeared a huge enchantment vortex, this enchanting vortex has several dozen Zhang (3.33 m) high, like a star in the galaxy, bright starlight, and slowly flowing.
“Brother Xing Jue, this is Main Court Practice Pavilion, but we used to call it “Temple of Essence”. After seeing Xing Jue comes, Li Xiaohan went to Xing Jue side and said with a smile.

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