War God Asura

Chapter: 82

Martial Essence
“Temple of Essence?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled said. He couldn’t understand why the Practice Pavilion has such a strange name.
“Brother Xing Jue, you know that practice needs Martial Qi, right? Because of a different rank, the refining of Martial Qi also different.”
“For example a Martial Master, even if he practices Heavenly Rank Cultivation Technique, but his practice speed only faster than an average person.”
“But his practice speed from beginning to end limited, that is because his rank is too low, unable to rapidly absorb the refined Martial Qi and change it into his strength.” Seems to see, Xing Jue didn’t understand, Li Xiao Han slowly said to Xing Jue.
And after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue suddenly enlightened, thought: “No wonder he always felt that every time he practices, he can absorb a lot of Martial Qi, but finally a lot of it flows away, it turns out that he hasn’t thoroughly refined them.” At this moment Xing Jue somewhat admires Li Xiao Han, this girl really not simple.
“Perhaps Brother Xing Jue does not know, Martial Qi that accumulated for many years will take a form, and the Martial Qi that condenses into a form is called “Martial Essence”.”
“Martial Essence and Martial Qi are same, but Martial Essence energy is richer and easier to refine. Therefore, this Martial Essence could be said as a valuable thing in practice.” Li Xiaohan said again toward Xing Jue.
“There’s this kind of thing in this world.” After hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue face amazed. He never heard anything about Martial Essence before.
“Could it be that here has Martial Essence?” However, after his amazed, Xing Jue suddenly react and immediately asked with anticipation.
“Brother Xing Jue, you’re really smart.” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly so quickly responds, Li Xiaohan sweetly smiled.
“However, Brother Xing Jue I must remind you, Martial Essence has wisdom, although it’s wisdom not high, but it can launch an attack using Martial Qi. Its attack strength also different according to the rank, so when you enter this Temple of Essence, be sure not to be careless.” Li Xiao Han once again reminds him.
“Yes, how amazing” And after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue surprised.
“Okay, Brother Xing Jue, let’s go inside.” After explaining everything toward Xing Jue, Li Xiaohan pulls Xing Jue hand and walk toward that huge vortex.
And after reaching the vortex boundary, Li Xiao Han wrist turn, the same enchanted key on Xing Jue hand appear, after pressing it to that vortex, she sucked inside.
Seeing that, Xing Jue also imitates Li Xiao Han and insert his enchantment key into that vortex, When that enchantment key inserted, Xing Jue felt his body floating and surrounded by a powerful force. When his body is free, he inside a fantastic cave.
The color of this wall cave is dark blue, and it also shines, like a bright gem, it’s incredibly beautiful. Inside the cave, everywhere are crisscross passages, it seems a bit strange.
“So beautiful” Looked at everything in front of him, Xing Jue said with amazement.
“Hehe, Brother Xing Jue, this is not an ordinary gem, this is extremely rare dark blue hidden stone, and above these deep blue hidden stones, entrusted with powerful strength.”
“Therefore, it can continuously absorb the unending stream of Martial Qi from the outside. Thus, it can condense into Martial Essence inside this temple. This is Our Imperial Wind Pavilion first-generation Pavilion Master masterpiece, and he is the strongest person in our Imperial Wind Pavilion history.” Li Xiaohan arrived at Xing Jue side, smiled and explain it to Xing Jue.
“Oh, how amazing” And after hearing Li Xiaohan words, Xing Jue also starts to admire Imperial Wind Pavilion founder. Unexpectedly, he can make such a miraculous thing, the predecessor strength terribly strong.
“Look! Brother Xing Jue, that is Martial Essence” At this moment Li Xiao Han suddenly pointed to not too far place, and said toward Xing Jue.
And following the direction of Li Xiaohan finger, Xing Jue also found out that not far away, unexpectedly there is an object similar to a firefly. It’s shining golden light body slowly floating, but the size of this light, bigger than a firefly, its size as big as a huge watermelon, and inside that light seems to have a strong Martial Qi slowly flow.
“Biting Wind Palm” Xing Jue yells out, a bright palm print charge toward that “Martial Essence”.
But at the same time, that Martial Essence seems to feel Xing Jue attack, surprisingly, it sent out Martial Qi from inside its body to counter that palm print light.
But the Martial Qi is too weak compared with Xing Jue Biting Wind Palm. “Bang” a muffled sound, it was smashed by palm print light, afterward that palm print light ruthlessly attacks that Martial Essence body.
“Buzz” With a buzzing sound, Martial Essence starts to break apart, then a treasure pill light form comes out. But there is no danger from this small light body.
“Hey” Seeing that, Xing Jue figure jump, and directly caught that floating light body.
“Brother Xing Jue, use it directly” Li Xiao Han smiled and said toward Xing Jue.
“Amu” Under Xiao Han suggestion, Xing Jue also swallowed it down. And after that light body gets into his stomach, Xing Jue felt that incredibly rich Martial Qi start to spread in his body, and rapidly refined into his strength, at this moment, Xing Jue feels his strength has increased.
“What a good thing!” After taking that Martial Essence, Xing Jue full of praise.
“Brother Xing Jue, this is the first-floor temple, all of that is first rank Martial Essence, and because there are a lot of people who catch it, it’s relatively rare, let’s us go to the second floor to find it.” Li Xiao Han slowly said to Xing Jue, then pull Xing Jue and walk toward the passage.
“Er..” Regarding Xiaohan action, Xing Jue a bit speechless, he remembers that previously Elder Ji Shui had told them, not to go to the second floor, and Li Xiao Han also made a promised but at this moment…
“Ah” Thinking about this, Xing Jue only helplessly sigh in his heart, at this moment he found out that this Li Xiao Han is a naughty girl, always make people worried.
After walking down the passage for a while. Xing Jue found out that ahead of them there are two men wearing golden pavilion robe, and the strengths of these two disciples, actually at Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, obviously they are Main Court disciples.
“Junior Sister Xiao Han, long time does not see” Just now, that two men also found out Xing Jue, one of them make a polite smile and greeted Li Xiao Han.
But what made Xing Jue speechless is Li Xiao Han ignore him, treat him like air, directly walked pass them from the side.
Saw this, that man’s brow tightly wrinkle, then turned their attention toward Xing Jue, slowly said: “This Junior Brother, seemingly not Main Court disciple right?”
When Xing Jue prepares to answer, Li Xiao Han suddenly stopped her footsteps, then slowly turn her body, and coldly said: “Believe it or not if you speak a rubbish word again, I will make you recuperate in one year.”
“Er..” After hearing Li Xiaohan words, that disciple face shrinks, then quickly turn around, walked to the other path with the other Main Court disciple.
Saw that disciple left, Xing Jue a bit helpless, it seems Li Xiao Han has a fearful name at this Main Court.
“All right, Brother Xing Jue, let’s go” After that two disciples left, Li Xiao Han suddenly smiled and said toward Xing Jue with a gentle and charming smile, act like a different person.
And all the way walk, Xing Jue, and Li Xiao Han run into several Main Court disciples, and they were the same like the previous two disciples, mostly their strength at Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.
Besides, after saw Li Xiao Han they couldn’t help to attracted toward her, then they cast a surprise eyes toward Xing Jue. Obviously, Xing Jue tattered purple pavilion clothing somewhat weird. However, perhaps because of Li Xiao Han, these people didn’t ask anything more.
And after half an hour walking, Xing Jue found out, not far to the front appear a giant enchantment vortex, and at this moment in front of that vortex, standing three men and a woman. It looks like they prepare to enter the second floor.
“Junior Sister Xiao Han” After seeing Li Xiao Han, that female disciple smiling and greet Li Xiao Han.
“Senior Sister Feng” Li Xiao Han also smile and politely replied.
“Is this Junior Brother Xing Jue?” At this time, Xing Jue also walked into that female sight, then smiled and said.
“Yes, that is me.” Xing Jue also said with a smile. In his heart thinking, it seems he also had not small reputation inside this Main Court, no wonder at that time Elder Ji Shui specifically remind him.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue actually can enter Temple of Essence. It seems that thanks to his relationship with Junior Sister Xiao Han.” At this time, a male disciple behind her said to Xing Jue with ill intentions.
“Senior Brother Zhao, three years ago did you participated in Hunting Competition that four big forces held?” But when Xing Jue prepares to speak, he was stopped by Li Xiao Han, then said with a smiled toward that disciple.
“Unexpectedly Junior Sister Xiao Han knew that year matter, talk about that, that year I alone get 250 points.” Saw Li Xiao Han suddenly so friendly to him. That man simply pleased with himself, and took the chance to publicizes his past success, when some disciples heard his words, they cast an admiring look at him.
“Right, this year’s Hunting Competition, does Junior Brother Xing Jue have the qualifications to participate?” Saw he attract some admiring eyes, that man even more proud, then changed the topic toward Xing Jue. Obviously, he wanted to give Xing Jue some difficulties.
“250 points? Is this worth to show off?” At this time, Li Xiao Han attitude suddenly becomes cold, then loudly said: “This year’s Hunting Competition, Brother Xing Jue alone obtained 900 points, and get the first place for our Imperial Wind Pavilion in history.”
After hearing Li Xiaohan words, that several disciples shocked, their appearance looks like struck by lightning. First place? For several hundred years Imperial Wind Pavilion never get the first place, unexpectedly it was accomplished by Xing Jue now? Thinking about this, they feel that is very unthinkable.
“As a result, Brother Xing Jue obtains Main Court reward, not only he receive Earth pavilion Martial Skill. He also allowed entering this place to practice, in this case, who must everyone praised?”
When she said these words, Li Xiao Han deliberately enhances her tone, so the nearby disciples heard that, and immediately even more inconceivable eyes cast toward Xing Jue.
Especially that male disciple, at this moment his expression extremely splendid, just like step on fec*s.
“Xiao Han, not needs to explain too much for such people, we still need to go to practice.” At this time, Xing Jue came at Li Xiao Han side and said with a smile. Then under everybody vision, he pulled Li Xiao Han white hands and walking toward the second floor.
Li Xiao Han small and exquisite appearance well behaved following at Xin Jue behind, then immediately walked into that vortex.
Seeing this, everybody is surprised, unexpectedly the Main Court saintess, who always cold toward male disciple “Li Xiao Han”, unexpectedly has a gentle side. This is a huge attack for these male disciples.

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