War God Asura

Chapter: 83

Li Xiao Han’s Strength
After being wrapped by the formidable suck, suddenly his body free, the two of them entered the second level of Temple of Essence.
But when they just entered the second level, Xing Jue not yet observe the surrounding environment, he felt a formidable strength, coming toward him.
He looks up, as expected, a tyrannical Martial Qi incredibly fast approaching him.
Xing Jue raises his hand, then use Bite Soul Palm attack and directly attack that tyrannical Martial Qi.
And at this time, Xing Jue also found out unexpectedly the object which launches the attack is “Martial Essence”, but this “Martial Essence” build twice bigger than at the first level. Obviously, this should be the second level “Martial Essence”.
“Buzz, buzz”
At this time, that “Martial Essence” body suddenly dodges. Once again two Martial Qi move toward Xing Jue, saw that Xing Jue both legs spread open, making a horse stance style squat down, both of his arms hold, facing toward that Martial Qi direction, his palms incredibly fast make several attacks.
“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz”
Xing Jue sent out several Biting Wind Palm, more than a dozen palm print light sent out at the same time, appear like a meteor shower, ruthlessly attack that Martial Essence, such power cannot see as not powerful.
“Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang”
But as soon as that more than a dozen palm print light, a few meters away from that Martial Essence, all of it suddenly start to explode, unable to resist.
Saw that, Xing Jue coldly snorts, he already guessed that Biting Wind Palm unable pose any threat to this Martial Essence, and just a moment ago, more than a dozen Biting Wind Palm have confirmed Xing Jue opinion.
However, Xing Jue already prepared, at this moment on Xing Jue both hands, a fireball contains a terrifying energy already condensed and take a form and extremely fast revolving, during the rotation, burst of spark dancing in the air.
“Flame Dragon Bomb”
A loud shout, that fireball instantly changed into a sturdy fire dragon, the spark fills the air, then moved toward that Martial Essence.
Fire dragon hit the target, and instantly explode, the surrounding massive flame sent out burning hot high temperature, and incredibly fast start to fill the air, at this moment this hidden blue stone wall shining with fiery color.
But after that sea of fire gradually vanished, Xing Jue’s pupil became large, because at this moment that “Martial Essence” actually safe and sound. Just now Xing Jue’s Fire Dragon Bomb indeed contain Soul Attack, this degree of attack even if Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign accidentally hit by it, will get a severe wound.
And unexpectedly this Martial Essence unable to break, is it possible that this Martial Essence already reaches Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength?
“Brother Xing Jue, second level “Martial Essence”, ten times stronger than the first level “Martial Essence”, its strength close to Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, so don’t be careless.” At this time, Li Xiao Han arrived at Xing Jue side, explained with a smiled.
“In that case, I can’t remain hold my attack”
After Li Xiao Han reminder, Xing Jue faintly smiled, soon after that a fierce wind similar to a very long massive wind, incredibly fast twisting on Xing Jue body.
His right-hand grip, a black Cut Soul Sword extremely fast form in Xing Jue’s hand, at the same time a terrifying strength also sent out from that sword.
A muffled sound, Xing Jue’s body similar to an arrow leaving the string, incredibly fast move toward that Martial Essence.
“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz”
And at the same time, from inside that Martial Essence body, several tyrannical Martial Qi incredibly fast rush out like falling stone, smashed toward Xing Jue.
However, regarding that several tyrannical Martial Qi, Xing Jue faintly smiled, he immediately speeds up, just like a meteor across the sky, incredibly fast travel forth and back among that several Martial Qi.
“Brother Xing Jue, use various kinds of Martial Skill, you really reach the highest degree of perfection in skill.”
Looking at Xing Jue strong figure, incredibly fast move back and forth toward that Martial Qi, but without any impact, Li Xiao Han full of praise.
“Cut Soul Sword”
At this time, Xing Jue already passes through that several Martial Qi blockade, and move toward that “Martial Essence” body.
His figure jump, appear like a flood dragon came out from the water, jump above that “Martial Essence”, his right arm wave, Cut Soul Sword bring a black afterimage, ruthlessly chop down that “Martial Essence”.
Under Cut Soul Sword powerful attack, finally, that Martial Essence didn’t have any resistance. A muffled sound, at the same time a powerful light body appeared.
Xing Jue’s left arm wave and directly grab it, throw it into his mouth, at the same time, Xing Jue felt a lot of Martial Qi incredibly fast started to spread in his body.
And this moment it continuously refined, Xing Jue even feels that it’s sufficient as his ten days hard work practice.
“Wow, this second-level “Martial Essence”, can greatly help, if I can take several of that sphere out, and give it to Four Eyes and Xiao San, then that two kids, isn’t both of them can rapidly breakthrough to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor?”
After feeling the benefit of Martial Essence, Xing Jue remembered Four Eyes and Xiao San, that can be seen as Xing Jue younger brother, who he cares about.
“Brother Xing Jue, as long as this Martial Essence leaves this Temple of Essence, it will instantaneously dissipate. Otherwise, I had sent it to you earlier, so in this way, you can practice hard.” Li Xiao Han arrived at Xing Jue side and said with a smile toward Xing Jue.
“So that is how it is.” And after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue suddenly enlightened. With Li Xiao Han character, if this Martial Essence can be brought out, indeed she will send it to him.
“Brother Xing Jue, practice here about two months or so, with your talent, probably it’s not difficult for you to breakthrough to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.”
Li Xiao Han went to the front of Xing Jue body, open her small hands and embrace one of Xing Jue arm, cute and helplessly against his shoulder. As long as thinking of that Xing Jue strength can rapidly grow, she beautifully smiles, compared with when her strength growth, she somewhat felt even happier.
“Hehe” Xing Jue laughed foolishly, such a beautiful woman accompany him, let alone for two months, even for a lifetime, Xing Jue also willing.
In the future every time Martial Sovereign raise one rank can be very difficult, as a matter of fact, it needs day and night hard work, it also requires extraordinary talent, and far surpassed ordinary person capability. Otherwise, even if you practice for a lifetime, you can’t go any further.
And regarding attacking Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue feels that even with his talent, as well as the powerful Soul Devouring Secret Art Cultivation Technique, it will take at least one to two years.
But here, every day takes an enormous amount of Martial Essence, it’s possible to break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign in two months.
If he stays here for a year, Xing Jue even confident to attack Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, now Xing Jue finally understands why Li Xiao Han practice can be so fast. Under such superior condition, in addition, with her excellent talent, it’s not difficult.
“Brother Xing Jue, let’s get started” After a few minutes learn against Xing Jue’s shoulder, Li Xiaohan suddenly sweetly smile toward Xing Jue, then both of them excitedly walked into the deeper place of second level.
“It shows up!”
Just a moment not much far they leave, in front of Xing Jue, inside a quite spacious passage, appeared two second-level Martial Essence.
With a sharp sound, Black Cut Soul Sword gripped tightly in Xing Jue’s hand. His figure immediately jumps, then turn into a white shadow, incredibly fast advancing toward that two Martial Essence.
Have just learned the lesson, regarding this second-level Martial Essence, Xing Jue didn’t dare to be slightly careless, not to mention this time appears two Martial Essence.
At this time, that two Martial Essence also found out Xing Jue existence. Several powerful Martial Qi, crisscrossed each other, at first glance, it’s similar to thin glittering dark clouds, put pressure to Xing Jue.
However, in that situation, Xing Jue speed unable to be blocked, like a quick monkey, incredibly fast move back and forth among that Martial Qi.
“Bang, Bang,”
With two muffled sounds, that two Martial Essence, end under Xing Jue’s Cut Soul Sword, and two bright light bodies slowly appeared.
“Buzz buzz buzzz buzz”
When Xing Jue prepares to put that two light bodies into his pocket, suddenly from his front sounded a deafening sound. Look toward that sound, and Xing Jue stunned to find not far to the front, a huge strong Martial Qi, like rough waves that soar to the sky, bring earth shattering pressure toward Xing Jue.
Facing the tyrannical Martial Qi, Xing Jue knew that he is unable to deal with it.
“Wind Blow Away Cloud”
At this critical moment, from behind Xing Jue suddenly sounded Li Xiao Han melodious voice.
At the same time, ten Zhang (3.33 m) tall tornado, carrying waves of harsh wind, consistently takes as many as that huge Martial Qi. Unexpectedly, that situation didn’t get the earth shattering large Martial Qi weaker.
Both sides resist, not only it makes a loud sound, but it also starts to send tyrannical energy ripples.
Saw that extremely fast energy ripples arrived, Xing Jue also feels somewhat problematic, his figure slightly side, and prepare to dodge.
“Starlight Fill the Sky”
But at this moment, a white hand, suddenly moves forward in front of Xing Jue, at the same time, that starlight starts to sprinkle from her palm, and finally form defense cover filled with starlight dust.
“So beautiful”
Look at the star in the sky, Xing Jue somewhat drunk with happiness, because it is too beautiful.
The tyrannical energy ripples severely hit that defense cover, but the defense covers didn’t effected, just slightly tremble, then drifts down.
Xing Jue cast a sidelong glance to the starlight, at this moment Li Xiao Han stand at his side, that drift down starlight fluttered above Li Xiao Han adorable face, she appeared like a fairy walk out from the heaven, outstandingly beautiful.
“So strong”
But looked at that beautiful like a fairy, Li Xiao Han, at this moment inside Xing Jue’s heart outside this thought also grow another thought, that is “So strong”.
Previously that terrifying “Wind Blow Away Cloud”, and now this powerful defense “Starlight Fill the Sky” obviously is High-Level Martial Skill, and the more High-Level Martial Skill, the more difficult it is to display.
However, Li Xiao Han in a short time can skillfully use this two Martial Skill. This explained how great Li Xiao Han strength.
At this moment, Xing Jue finally experience, this known as Imperial Wind Pavilion talented disciple in hundred years, the number one talented disciple “Li Xiao Han”.
“Brother Xing Jue, look!”At this time, Li Xiao Han points to the front and said toward Xing Jue.
But Xing Jue eyes even more startled, because unexpectedly in front of him there are not less than ten second-level “Martial Essence”.
“No wonder it can send out the tyrannical attack, this equal to ten Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign collaborations.” Not far away from that slowly floating ten second-level “Martial Essence”, Xing Jue feel somewhat troublesome and slowly said.

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