War God Asura

Chapter: 84

The Third Level
“Brother Xing Jue, ten “Martial Essence”, we can attack them together, let’s see who will get more.”
At this time, Li Xiao Han sweetly smiled toward Xing Jue, her figure immediately moves, then changes into a gold shadow, facing that ten “Martial Essence”.
Saw that, Xing Jue quickly use “Storm Wind Technique”, his hand grip “Cut Soul Sword” and extremely fast follow closely.
“Buzz buzz buzz buzz”
Felt both of Xing Jue and Li Xiao Han attack, ten “Martial Essence” extremely fast start to pull back, then immediately countless of Martial Qi, appear like rain arrow, ruthlessly shoot toward both of them.
However, maybe because the previously hit consumed too much energy, this attack a lot weaker.
Therefore, at this moment Xing Jue is relying on Storm Wind Technique, and Soul Movement, inside this dense Martial Qi, he can still incredibly fast move back and forth. But even so, Xing Jue still unable to catch up with Li Xiao Han.
But what made Xing Jue speechless the most was Li Xiao Han didn’t use any movement Martial Skill, she completely depends on her strength in dodging and move forward.
It’s hard to imagine, if Li Xiaohan uses Martial Skill, how strong it will be? Perhaps these ten “Martial Essence” unable to withstand even a second in her hand.
“Bang bang bang”
At this time, both of them already moved to the front of that “Martial Essence” body, Xing Jue attack depends on Cut Soul Sword, seems easy to deal with that ten “Martial Essence”, but Li Xiaohan could be said even more relaxed.
Merely in a short period, both of them completely killed that ten second-level “Martial Essence”.
“Brother Xing Jue, how many did you catch?” Li Xiao Han tightly grips her small hand, step forward and arrives at Xing Jue side and grinning said.
Xing Jue slowly opened his right hand, immediately four pearls contain rich Martial Qi appeared.
“Hehe, I won, Brother Xing Jue must listen me later.”
Saw that, Li Xiao Han grab Xing Jue left hand, then that six light bodies fall into Xing Jue hand.
“Er.. XiaoHan, this is not right.”
Saw that, Xing Jue surprised said, he couldn’t afford swallow Li Xiao Han share. Therefore, regarding Li Xiaohan action, Xing Jue appears somewhat feel awkward.
“Brother Xing Jue, at least this for my level, actually already lack Martial Qi, so these are useless for me, Brother Xing Jue doesn’t need to be polite, hurry up take it.” Seems to saw Xing Jue thought, Li Xiao Han quickly explained it toward Xing Jue with a smile.
But after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue somewhat still hesitates, under Li Xiao Han repeatedly insists, he had to do according to what she said, he takes all that Martial Essence and swallows it all.
“Brother Xing Jue, second level Martial Essence, the deeper, the more, let’s go.” After watching Xing Jue take all the Martial Essence, Li XiaoHan smiles with satisfaction, then walked with Xing Jue toward that deeper place.
After both of them walking into the deeper places, Xing Jue shockingly found out that the “Martial Essence” in this deeper place is a lot more formidable.
An attack that similar to the previously powerful joint attack frequently happened, but fortunately, there is Li Xiao Han, so it didn’t cause any damage to them.
And as time goes by, Xing Jue even more astonished to find out that he almost didn’t see Main Court disciples at this second level. Afterward, he learns about it from Li Xiao Han words.
Actually, these second-level “Martial Essence”, didn’t have much effect for Martial God powerhouse. Therefore, those Main Court genuine masters already felt didn’t worth it to practice here, and Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level disciples, are difficult to survive here, at most several disciples join together to enter this place.
However, they only at the second level entrance and don’t dare to go deeper. At this moment they are in deeper places, so naturally, it’s difficult to see Main Court disciples.
But then, Xing Jue this is a good thing, can quietly travel together with Li Xiao Han, for Xing Jue this is absolutely a wonderful thing.
In such happy time, time passes quickly, two months passed very quickly, and in two months, Xing Jue strength, even more, advance by leaps and bounds.
Finally, he has a feeling that he will break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign. These level two “Martial Essence” caught by these two people also good enough, besides because of the condensed speed limited, Xing Jue hardly meet a crucial moment.
After two months, both of them already strolled everywhere in these second level. Even without Li Xiao Han guide, Xing Jue now can freely move back and forth inside this crisscrossed passage, without getting lost.
But what makes Xing Jue somewhat puzzled is, he stayed at this level for two months, but he never saw the third level entrance. But think about it, Xing Jue also felt that there should be no third level if not, it’s impossible not to have an entrance.
“Xiao Han, is this Temple of Essence only have two level?” Xing Jue and Li Xiaohan sitting above a large piece hidden blue stone, lean each other, because, at this time they have nothing to do, Xing Jue then asked the question in his heart.
“Brother Xing Jue, actually this Temple of Essence has the third level” Saw Xing Jue ask a question, Li Xiao Han replied with a smile.
“Oh?” After hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue’s eyes suddenly shine.
“But.. third level entrance incredibly mysterious, it doesn’t have fixed position, it suddenly opens inside these second level.”
“Even the opening time is uncertain, it said that it open once every two years, but sometimes it open once every two months, but the latter is very rare. Usually, it will open once every two years.”
“And the open time won’t surpass one hour, if Brother Xing Jue happened to find that third level entrance, you absolutely can’t go any deeper from the entrance.”
“Otherwise, if the third level entrance closed, you can only wait two years later to come out, when the entrance opens once again.”
“The most important are, the third level Martial Essence has Martial God rank strength, so if Martial Sovereign rank disciple enters the third level, without a doubt, he/she will be dead.” Li Xiao Han once again explained it to Xing Jue.
“Er..” After hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue a bit speechless, at first he wants to go to that third level to try his luck, but at this moment he completely gives up this idea.
“Brother Xing Jue, your distance to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, still need how many accumulations of Martial Qi?” Seems to saw Xing Jue anxiety, Li Xiao Han suddenly said with a smile to Xing Jue.
“Probably need about two hundred second-level “Martial Essence”.” Xing Jue replied with a smiled, but his face a bit helpless.
Two hundred second-level “Martial Essence”, two months ago in two days they can easily catch it, but now, if in one day can catch ten-second level “Martial Essence” can be described as lucky.
And after saw Xing Jue helpless expression, Li Xiao Han bit her small mouth, somewhat depressed, she can feel how anxious Xing Jue want to break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level.
“Buzz buzzbuzz”
At this time, at the end of the passage, suddenly heard a strange sound, and obviously, this is not caused by Martial Essence.
“Brother Xing Jue, follow me” After hearing this sound, Li Xiaohan instantly become excited, immediately pull Xing Jue, and incredibly fast run toward the end of the passage.
Saw Li Xiao Han excited look, Xing Jue also realized and thought: “Could it be that third level happens to open at this time?”
With anxious thinking, running toward the end of that passage, Xing Jue thought was proved, indeed at the end of passage has enchantment entrance.
However, what makes Xing Jue somewhat puzzled, the third level entrance rather small compared with the first level and second level, probably only one Zhang (3.33 m) tall, and its color is not blue, but dark purple.
“Brother Xing Jue, this is the third level entrance, it will only open for one hour.”
“Therefore, I must go in now. Brother Xing Jue don’t follow me, wait for me here, in one hour, I will definitely come out”.
At this time, Li Xiao Han eagerly said toward Xing Jue, finished said these words, didn’t wait for Xing Jue answer, she prepared to walk toward that third level.
“Xiaohan, don’t go!”
Saw that, Xing Jue grab Li Xiao Han hand, then panic said. Previously he heard Li Xiao Han words how dangerous this third level. If Martial Sovereign went in, without a doubt, he/she would die, so naturally, he won’t let Li Xiao Han go.”
“Brother Xing Jue, don’t worried about me, actually I am already Martial God.” Seems to saw Xing Jue worried, Li Xiaohan slightly smiled and said.
Immediately Martial God formidable pressure spread out, and after this sudden pressure spread out, Xing Jue hand that grip Li Xiao Han hand tightly was shaken and opened up.
Saw that Li Xiao Han powerful pressure fill the air, at this moment Xing Jue also can feel that indeed Li Xiao Han already reached Martial God level, and her strength matched with Xiao Qian, a Preliminary Rank Martial God, but a lot more stronger.
“Just wait for me here, if you dare to come in without my permission, I will ignore you later, I will do what I said.” Li Xiaohan turn around and give Xing Jue big smile, then her figure jump and entered the third level entrance.
Leave behind Xing Jue worried face. This moment Xing Jue felt Li Xiao Han’s good intention, after Li Xiaohan went out, she already reach Martial God level.
But maybe because she concerned about Xing Jue feeling, so she deliberately said that she didn’t breakthrough. In this way, Xing Jue will feel that the distances between both of them reduce, without pressure.
However, just now to let Xing Jue felt relieved when she entered the third level, she has to show her real strength.
“Xiao Han reached Martial God level, there is no point for her to come here for practice, she do that, completely to help me, ah…” Xing Jue helplessly sighed, then somewhat lonely sitting on the ground.
At this moment his heart had unspeakable sadness, not only he touched by “Li Xiao Han” did, but he also blames his weakness.
In the bottom of his heart Xing Jue doesn’t want to be protected, what he wants is, he will be look up by people with his strength, and protect the people around him, but now he protected by Li Xiaohan, this makes him feel sad.
Time gradually passes by, Xing Jue starts to become nervous, this third level entrance only open for one hour, and one hour will soon arrive, Li Xiao Han still didn’t come out.
At this moment Xing Jue extremely anxious, he keeps in front of that enchantment entrance, walks back and forth.
However, because of Li Xiao Han warning, Xing Jue does not dare to get inside, if Li Xiao Han found out, he afraid Li Xiao Han will ignore him.
“Buzz buzzbuzz”
But when Xing Jue hard to make a decision, that third level enchantment entrance, suddenly change, look at its appearance, it will close.
Saw that, Xing Jue didn’t think anymore, he take a big step and prepare to walk toward that enchantment entrance, at this moment he can’t take it anymore, he absolutely can’t let Li Xiaohan inside that terrifying third level for two years.

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