War God Asura

Chapter: 85

Today’s Humiliation
When Xing Jue about to steps into that enchantment entrance, a pale palm suddenly came out from that enchantment entrance, then Li Xiao Han figure came out.
And when Xing Jue saw Li Xiao Han appear in front of him, not only his face didn’t happy, instead instantly changes become tensed.
Because at this moment, not only Li Xiao Han face looking deathly pale, her aura even scarily weak, after she went out from the entrance, unexpectedly her figure falls.
Saw that, Xing Jue quickly hold Li Xiao Han into his chest, and stuffed Healing Treasure Pill into Li Xiao Han’s mouth.
“Brother Xing Jue, quickly take this!” At this moment Li Xiao Han suddenly said with a trembling voice to Xing Jue.
At the same time, she slowly raises her tight grip right fist toward Xing Jue, after her white palm open, extremely bright light body appears, the Martial Qi contain inside it several times richer than second-level “Martial Essence”.
“Xiao Han, you..” After seeing that light body, Xing Jue nose becomes sour, extremely distressed said. Because at this time, Li Xiao Han still thinks of him.
“Brother Xing Jue, quickly take it.” Li Xiao Han with her trembling white hand, she takes that light body and slowly squeezes it into Xing Jue mouth.
Under Li Xiao Han persistent, Xing Jue forced to take that light body pill.
“Brother Xing Jue, blame Xiao Han for being powerless, if I can catch it again, then..” Saw Xing Jue take the light body, on Li Xiao Han satisfied smile, but haven’t finished her words, her hand become weak and fainted.
“Xiao Han, Xiao Han, Xiao Han!”
Saw Li Xiao Han fainted, Xing Jue mind instantly becomes blank and kept calling her names, after a long time without any result, Xing Jue held Li Xiao Han body, he jumps, and extremely fast start to run toward the outside.
At the same time on Xing Jue’s firm and resolute face, a drop of hot tears incredibly fast flow out, and keep whispering: “Xiao Han, nothing will happen to you, Xiao Han, nothing will happen to you.”
At this time, even if Xing Jue stupid, but he realizes the cause, it must be Li Xiao Han, who successfully killed the third-level “Martial Essence” to allow Xing Jue directly break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level, she continuously captures and killed third-level “Martial Essence” then seriously injured.
When thinking of this, Xing Jue’s feel like hundred knives continuously piercing his heart, very painful.
At the same time his speed extremely fast, and under this extremely fast pace, soon he arrived at the enchantment entrance after Xing Jue crossed that enchantment entrance, many Main Court disciples appeared.
When everyone saw Xing Jue in hurried, as well as Li Xiao Han, who unconscious in his chest, their face even more shocked, not knowing what to do.
“Stop!” At this time, in front of Xing Jue, several male disciples whose strength already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, suddenly blocks the passage. Saw their appearance, they should want to ask some explanation from Xing Jue.
“Get out of my way!” but at this moment Xing Jue footstep didn’t slightest bit stop, but loudly shouted toward them.
“Kid, you court death!” Saw Xing Jue want to dash through, that three men almost at the same time attack, but maybe because afraid to hit Li Xiao Han in his chest, they didn’t use Martial Skill, but empty handed attack Xing Jue.
Facing three Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue quickly closed both of his eyes, and when Xing Jue opens both of his eyes again, a powerful black Soul Power surges out from inside his body.
At this moment, the attack of that three disciples loudly arrived, and knock against Xing Jue’s Soul Power. However, it was blow off by that formidable Soul Power and hit the nearby stone wall.
Xing Jue didn’t have any time to take care of them, he takes advantage of the Soul Explosion condition, and raise his speed, terrifyingly in hurried, in several flashes he disappeared at the end of the passage.
At this time, the female disciple who previously speaks with Xing Jue said with a surprised look.
An Inner Pavilion Disciple, actually easily take three Main Court disciples attacks, isn’t this level of strength so powerful? And just now Xing Jue speed, even makes the disciples feel shocked.
With a loud noise, Xing Jue appears like a flood dragon who came out from the sea, come out from that huge waterfall, looked like a thousand pounds huge rock, steadily fall above the nearby stone.
The powerful strength made the huge stone completely crack by his step.
“Bang” After fall on the huge stone, Xing Jue didn’t stay, incredibly fast went toward Imperial Wind Pavilion direction.
At this time, Xing Jue’s Soul Eruption strength gradually start to vanish, at the same time, the painful feeling from the backlash began to rise. Saw that, Xing Jue quickly take out a Repair Pain Pill and throw it into his mouth, then use Soul Explosion again and keep going.
On this journey, Xing Jue supported by two Repair Pain Pills and used Soul Explosion, but after entering Imperial Wind Pavilion, the Soul Explosion strength that the last time he used starts to dissipate.
Round and round of painful feeling spread to all parts of his body, but Xing Jue, who is suppressing his painful body doesn’t stop his run toward the Main Court.
Because at this moment Xing Jue can strongly feel that Xiao Han body starts to become even colder, and this is a bad sign. Therefore, Xing Jue doesn’t dare to stop. He only wants to carry Xiao Han as soon as possible to Elder Ji Shui hand, perhaps at this moment, he is the only one who can rescue Xiao Han.
After some difficult journey, Xing Jue finally arrived at the entrance of the Main Court, but the Law Enforcement Pavilion disciple who guard the Main Court stop him.
“If you didn’t want to die, get out of my way!”
Xing Jue yells at the Law Enforcement Pavilion disciple who blocks his path.
At first, these disciples want to teach a lesson to this incredibly arrogant Xing Jue, but after finding Li Xiao Han in his chest, they tremble, then quickly make a way, let Xing Jue enter the Main Court.
Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court is the most luxurious place, all the palaces incredibly beautiful. But at this moment Xing Jue doesn’t have a little bit mood to watch these beautiful scenes. Instead, he runs toward the center of the palace, and constantly shouted: “Elder Ji Shui, Elder Ji Shui!”
Actually, at this moment Xing Jue didn’t know where Elder Ji Shui is, but he guessed Elder Ji Shui must be at Main Court, although a bit aimless, but it’s the only chance.
However, Xing Jue behavior, attract a lot of Main Court disciples, after found out Xing Jue’s purple pavilion robe, everyone is surprised for a moment, thought how Inner Court disciple came into Main Court, isn’t he only looking to die.
But when they found out “Li Xiao Han” in Xing Jue chest, they were shocked, especially some male disciples, they appeared like struck by lightning, instantly paralyzed.
Because in their hearts “Li Xiao Han” like a saintess, but she held by Inner Court Disciple in his chest, how can they accept it, some disciples prepare to attack Xing Jue and teach Xing Jue a good lesson.
However, at this moment Xing Jue didn’t care about these Main Court disciples think, he just ran blindly and didn’t stop his call, at this time, Xing Jue who always calm is in disorder.
Because “Li Xiao Han” is extremely important for him.
At this moment, Xing Jue suddenly feels a burst of pain from his back, his foot slips, his body loses his balance and fell forward.
Because his body is in Soul Explosion backlash condition, Xing Jue barely can support his body, after hit by this attack, both of Xing Jue arms slip, and lose Xiao Han who in his chest.
At this time, a handsome man wearing golden pavilion robe, like a ghost appears in front of Xing Jue body, and take Li Xiao Han In his chest.
“Let go of her!” Saw Li Xiao Han held by that man in his chest, Xing Jue loudly yells toward that man, didn’t even care about the pain in his body.
But that man didn’t look Xing Jue even once, and carefully look at Li Xiao Han in his chest, his look, of course, very deeply in love toward Li Xiao Han.
“Bang” But at the same time, Xing Jue suddenly felt a burst of pain from behind his body, then once again fell to the ground.
Barely can support his trembling body, he turns his head to look, Xing Jue finally look the man who makes the attack, and remember him in his mind.
That man wearing golden pavilion robe, his figure is a bit small but relatively strong, on his ugly face hangs a mocking smiled, at this moment he aggressively walk toward Xing Jue.
“Junior Brother Li relieved him from his pain” Suddenly, an icy voice sounded from behind him, not need to guess death resounded an extremely desolate sound in Xing Jue, no need to guess, it must be that man who holds Li Xiao Han in his chest.
And didn’t wait for Xing Jue to stand up, another powerful attack hit Xing Jue’s body, make Xing Jue weakly fall down.
Once again fall, Xing Jue extremely angry, he tightly grips his fist, with a lot of effort he prepares to stand up again.
At this moment, Xing Jue suddenly felt a foot suddenly step on his back, then even more angry yell: “You court death!”
Didn’t wait for Xing Jue to get up, an incredibly powerful strength from that foot, stubbornly stepped on Xing Jue, like a nail on the board, he is unable to move.
“Inner Court boy, unexpectedly you dare to come to Main Court.”
“I unable to handle you in the Inner Court, but in this Main Court, I able to make you unable to alive and unable to die!”
“What’s wrong? I heard you are very famous in the Inner Court, very powerful, what’s up now? Where is your power go?”
At this moment his sentence full of ridicule and hatred came out from that man’s mouth.
“Just killed me! Otherwise, I absolutely will make you die!” Xing Jue exhaustedly turns his head and said toward that disciple. Meanwhile, an intense killing intent in his eyes tightly locked on that man face.
“I will help you!”
After seeing Xing Jue expression, that disciple trembles, but after biting, he ruthlessly punches Xing Jue face.
Under Soul Explosion backlash, not only he hasn’t use Soul Healing, instead, he bearing his painful body, run in very high intensity, Xing Jue which already extremely frail, continuously attacked by that man’s vicious attack.
At this time, Xing Jue without any slightest resistance, under this heavy blows, he completely lost the ability to support his body and severely lying on the ground, his conscious start to become blurs.

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